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  • Compatible with C7 & C9 lights (Standard base)
  • For use with Snap Lights Sticky Snap or Snap Screws
  • Hang lights on fascia, gutters, window, door frames, fences
  • Wire securely fits into slots for a secure hold
  • C7 and C9 lights can be hung in multi-directional positions
  • Easy snap system for quick installation and removal
  • High quality UV resistant injection mold



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Carriage Snaps with Screw Snaps 


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Carriage Snaps without Screw Snaps

SKU: 0001

3 Bags 15% Discount

  • Pricing

    Quantity Discounts Applied at Check-out

    • Purchase 1 Bag = $9.37 (No Discount)
    • Purchase 2 Bags = $8.17/bag (10% Discount)
    • Purchase 3 Bags = $7.97/bag (15% Discount)
    • Purchase 4 Bags or More = $7.50/bag (20% Discount)

    You do not need to purchase the same product to receive a multiple bag discount. If you purchase ANY of our products, you will receive 10% - 20% off the initial price based on thetotal number of bags you purchase!

    Bag Includes:  

    • 25 Carriage Snaps

    Compatible With:

    • Gutter Snaps 
    • Sticky Snaps 
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