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  • To secure Carriage Snap or Zip Snap on porous surfaces
  • Fascia
  • Wood frames 
  • Leaf Guards
  • Carriage Snaps and/or Zip Snaps can also be secured using the Sticky Snap or Gutter Snap
  • Screw Snaps are available with Carriage and Zip snaps. If you would like them included with your purchase, please select that option. If you need extras, you can purchase them separately.
  • Screw Snaps (includes 25 Screw Snaps per bag)


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Screw Snaps

SKU: 0005

3 Bags 15% Discount

  • Pricing

    Quantity Discounts Applied at Check-out

    • Purchase 1 Bag = $4.06 (No Discount)
    • Purchase 2 Bags = $3.66/bag (10% Discount)
    • Purchase 3 Bags = $3.46/bag (15% Discount)
    • Purchase 4 Bags or More = $3.25/bag (20% Discount)

    You do not need to purchase the same product to receive a multiple bag discount. If you purchase ANY of our products, you will receive 10% - 20% off the initial price based on the total number of bags you purchase!

    Bag Includes:

    • 25 Screw Snaps

    Compatible With:

    • Carriage Snaps
    • Zip Snaps
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