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Classroom Ambient Lighting

Hanging String Lights in the Classroom

Teachers can use string lights in the classroom to help create a fun and inviting learning environment that has some pizzazz. Students love lights. It is a wonderful way to welcome them and brighten up the classroom. The colors that you choose can be strategic, drawing attention to certain parts of the classroom. Hanging lights in the classroom can also be used to influence the mood in the room. In some cases, you can change the colors quickly so that there never is a dull moment, and students come to the room expecting something special and unique.

Lights and learning go together. They can be used to draw attention to certain topics or aspects of topics. Imagine flashing the lights as you describe lightning and thunder. You can use a timer or remote control to light up a part of the classroom while standing anywhere. Put some transparent paper over your lights to make it look like a cloud. An interactive environment could increase absorption. Let your imagination run wild about how you can stimulate learning in your room. Keep in mind that the Fire Marshall is the authority on what can be put in your classroom. Follow the rules, as there are many opportunities in a room to hang lights. Imagine how you could illuminate T-bars, the edge of a screen, the valence on a light, a bulletin board, a picture, or a whiteboard. Anything with an edge is a candidate for illumination.

Many kinds of lights can be purchased for classroom ambiance. The problem is:

  1. How to attach them to something without damaging the surface, 

  2. The ability to change them or install them quickly, and 

  3. How to take them with you easily when the classroom is no longer assigned to you. 

The lights that you put up may relate to a season or a holiday. Pick lights that best fit the needs of where you plan to hang them.  For example, string lights can be hung around windows, the whiteboard, and on ceiling tiles or the T-bar frames that hold them. A nice glow can be seen around the critical information that you are presenting. You can even use string lights as dividers between sections of information. When you hang string lights on your board you are decorating the entire wall. You can even combine lights like string lights and C9 or C7 light bulbs for a festive and fun look! You can turn on each string separately or both of them together.

With a pre-planned attachment strategy, you can be flexible about where to place lights around the classroom. Let's get to the challenging part . . . how to attach them to the different surfaces.  

Snap Lights has a variety of clips that can be used for hanging both string lights and C9 or C7 lights.  When using Snap Lights it will be easy to swap out the string lights by just unsnapping them from the clips.  Swapping out the strings with other colors is also easy because you can just snap them up to the existing clip.  It can also make the room interesting and fresh.  To hang string lights, you can attach the Sticky Snap to any smooth surface like metal, aluminum, or vinyl.  This will allow you to hang lights around your whiteboards, window frames, ceiling T-bars, and other smooth surfaces.  You can use the Zip Snap to anchor the lights to the Sticky Snap.  The Zip will wrap around your string light and then snap into the Sticky Snap.

As mentioned above, a variety of lights can be used. Even outdoor C9/C7 lights can be strung across the classroom for a fun effect. 

Lighting solutions need not be expensive, and due to room rotations, they should be transportable. Take your lights with you when you move to your new room so that you can benefit from their effect on your students. 

Snap Lights has a way for you to make this happen. The Gutter Snap can be used to attach lights to a surface with an edge (It is called the Gutter Snap but it has many other uses than just on gutters). First, attach the Gutter Snap to an edge.  You can either wedge the bottom part of the snap between the wall and your edge or simply slide the clip around the edge.  It depends on the edge or rail that you are using.  Second, attach the Carriage Snap to your C9 or C7 bulb.  Then third, snap the Carriage Snap to the Gutter Snap.  It’s as easy as, 1, 2, 3!

1                              2                                        3

The Gutter Snap can also hold string lights using the little slot at the base of the snap. You can then hang additional things on the hook because the Snap Lights products are strong enough to hold them. Highlight your posters and pictures. Illuminate your whiteboard.


With Snap Lights you can make your classroom rock! Set the ambiance as soon as your students enter your room, and even during the class period. 

Have a great class, with Snap Lights!

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