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How to Hang Christmas Window Lights

Christmas window lights can make your home feel extra festive and inviting during the holidays.

Hanging lights around your windows is an extra touch that makes a big difference and doesn't take a lot of work, especially when you use the right Christmas light clips (cough cough Snap Lights).

With our Sticky Snaps and Carriage or Zip Snaps, you can quickly hang lights from your window frame or trim. And you can easily achieve a professional look thanks to those super satisfying straight lines!

Read on to learn how to hang Christmas window lights!

What to Avoid When it Comes to Christmas Window Lights

If you are just starting to plan your Christmas light display, it can be helpful to know about the most common mistakes that can leave your Christmas window lights looking sub-par.

The first mistake we will mention is hanging your Christmas lights crooked. We’ve all seen it. The homeowners put in the effort to hang lights and now they don’t have any more energy or creativity to figure out how to get their lights in a straight line!

Friends, if this becomes your house, you will have to see those crooked lights every day! Save yourself the headache!

To achieve window wonder, you need to do three things:

1. Plan out the spacing and placement of your lights.

2. Keep the location of your power source in mind.

3. Use a hanging system that is strong enough to keep your light strings taut when being hung both vertically and horizontally. We’ll talk more shortly about how Snap Lights achieves this.

The second mistake is damaging your surface area. This happens when you must redo work or when you use damaging hanging methods year after year like staples and nails.

The third mistake is spending loads of time inventing an unnecessary solution. A simple, dependable solution already exists. You could be spending that time with family during the holidays instead.

What if you could install a system that remained on your house all year round, year after year, and didn’t look tacky? What if you could install your lights using a system that did not require ripping staples out of your trim?

Yes, you guessed it, Snap Lights offers these benefits.

Different Types of Christmas Window Lights

Picture a beautifully decorated Christmas tree framed in lights or veiled by curtain lights. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to how you can incorporate holiday decorations around your windows. There are lots of types of lights and Christmas decorations to consider for your winter wonderland display.

Using Snap Lights to Hang Lights on Window Trim

​Type of Light

Female Side

​Male Side

​C7 and C9 String Lights

Carriage Snap

Sticky Snap

​Icicle Lights

Zip Snap

Sticky Snap

​Miniature Lights

Zip Snap

Sticky Snap

Neon Signs

Zip Snap

Sticky Snap

Star Window Lights

Zip Snap

Sticky Snap

Glowing Candy Canes

Zip Snap

Sticky Snap

Wreath, Garland, or Swag

Zip Snap

Sticky Snap

How to Hang Christmas Window Decorations with Snap Lights

The kind of lights you pick will determine which female side you need, as listed in the previous section. The surface you will hang the lights from will determine the male side. Sticky Snaps (male side) are perfect for hanging Christmas lights from the vinyl or aluminum surfaces around your windows. The Sticky Snap can be painted to match your home and left year-round. (We recommend Krylon spray paint.)

This means you can hang lights and decorations for all holidays with ease! And come next fall and winter, you’ll already have a system in place that cuts back on the time and energy needed for decorating (or you can redirect that energy to more decorations).

Christmas Window Lights with Snap Lights

Hanging Christmas lights around windows is a snap with Snap Lights.

Here are the steps for your initial window installation with Sticky Snaps:

1. Attach the female side (Carriage Snap or Zip Snap) to your lights.

2. Snap the Sticky Snap to the Carriage or Zip Snap.

3. Clean the surface you will be adhering the snap to with a damp rag and allow it to dry.

4. Peel the plastic cover away from the Sticky Snap and stick the Sticky Snap in place.

5. Hold for 10 seconds before releasing. Repeat the process until all of your lights are hung around the window.

6. At the end of the season, leave the Sticky Snap on the trim and leave the Zip Snap or Carriage Snap on the lights. They will be ready for you to use again next year.

Other Uses for the Snap Lights System

The Snap Lights system is very useful for outlining windows with string lights, but that's not all they are good for! Snap Lights can be used for roof lines with and without gutters, door frames, vinyl fences, permanent light installs, and much more. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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