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The Best Tools and Techniques for Hanging Christmas Lights Without Gutters

Hanging Christmas lights without gutters can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! With the right light hanging clips and a few helpful tips, you can easily hang your lights this year and set yourself up well for the future.

Christmas lights and holiday decorations add to holiday cheer, which we all need more of during the cold, dark winter months. Of course, that holiday cheer doesn’t make the hard work of hanging lights disappear.

Without gutters, at least you won’t need to use those finger-smashing s-shaped gutter hooks that get brittle after one year. But you might be wondering what kinds of hooks or clips to use. We’ll help you figure that out.

Two things you will want to consider when hanging Christmas lights are your roof line/horizontal eaves and the different kinds of lights you want (string lights, rope lights, icicle lights, C9/C7 lights, etc.).

Whether you are a brand-new homeowner, a regular DIYer looking to upgrade your Christmas lights display, or a professional Christmas light installer looking for hanging solutions, we have something for you! (And if you are a professional light installer, you can register with Snap Lights for Industry Pro discounts!)

We’re confident our Christmas light clips and tricks for hanging Christmas lights without gutters will help you get into the holiday spirit (or at least not detract from it) and create a beautiful Christmas display for the festive season.

How to Hang Christmas Lights Without Gutters

Use clips that attach to shingles.

If you don’t have gutters on your home, you can still hang lights from your roof by using our unique Gutter Snap. Yes, they are called Gutter Snaps, but they work on shingles too! They have ridges on the back of the clip to keep them from sliding out from under the shingles. These clips are very strong and UV-protected.

Gutter Snaps, Christmas light clips

The cool thing about the Gutter Snap, and what makes it different from other shingle clips, is that it has a male snap on its top. This works specifically with our Carriage Snaps or our Zip Snaps.

You just attach your lights to the Carriage or Zip Snaps and then SNAP them to the Gutter Snaps. Position the Gutter Snap under the shingle and you are in business!

When removing your lights at the end of the holiday season, keep the two clips attached and just remove the Gutter Snaps from the shingle. The following season, with the clips still attached to each other, just slide the Gutter Snap back in place. It will save you tons of time!

Use clips that you screw into the fascia to hang lights without gutters.

Another option for hanging Christmas lights without gutters is to use our Screw Snaps to attach to your fascia board. Screw Snaps are also designed to work with Carriage Snaps or Zip Snaps. Screw Snaps can easily be installed with a screwdriver, although an electric screwdriver might be preferred. (You might consider starting with a small pilot hole, so the fascia does not split).

Screw Snaps, Christmas light clips

First, attach your light to either the Carriage Snap or Zip Snap and then carefully measure where you want to screw in your Screw Snap, and screw it in. Then, just snap the Carriage or Zip Snap to the Screw Snap and there you have it. You have attached your light to your fascia! To remove your lights at the end of the season, just unsnap the Carriage or Zip from the Screw Snap. Next season, just snap it back up.

Use adhesive hooks and clips.

Adhesive hooks and clips can be a great solution for hanging Christmas lights without gutters. They come in various sizes and strengths, so be sure to choose ones that can manage the weight of your lights.

Sticky snaps, Christmas light clips

Maybe you don’t want to hang your lights from your roof line but still want to create a beautiful display on your home. Snap Lights offers a strong and durable adhesive clip that takes the process of hanging lights one step further! With the Sticky Snap you can easily hang your lights on door frames, window frames, railings, or any smooth surface - but be careful with painted surfaces. With our SnapLights system, you can mix and match Sticky Snaps with our Carriage Snaps or Zip Snaps.

Carriage snaps, Christmas light clips

First, attach your lights to the Zip Snaps or Carriage Snaps (depending on what your needs are). Second, Snap the Sticky Snaps to your Zip Snaps or Carriage Snaps. Third, peel the adhesive cover off the back of the Sticky Snap and stick it to where you want to place your light. Voila! Your lights are up in minutes! It is that simple!

Just snap them up and un-snap them at the end of the holiday season.

Keep the Sticky Snap on the house and the Zip Snap or Carriage Snap on the lights. Then, you can reuse them for years to come. Just snap it up!

Zip snaps, Christmas light clips

Consider curb appeal.

Our parts are made of a material that allows paint to bind to them unlike many plastic pieces so you can paint the clips to match your home if you'd like. Use Krylon Fusion or any other brand of spray paint to custom-match your home.

If you can't tell, we are biased towards our products, but it's for good reason. Not only does the Snap Lights system save you time and money when you hang lights, but it also creates a clean, professional look. The photos speak for themselves.

Don't forget to prioritize safety.

When hanging Christmas lights without gutters (and just in general), it's important to prioritize safety. Make sure to use a sturdy ladder and have someone hold it steady while you climb up and down. Don't try to be a hero and do it all by yourself!

Also, remember to use outdoor-rated extension cords and inspect them for any damage before use. Be sure to avoid overloading outlets and use surge protectors.

Check out other applications for Snap Light Christmas light clips.

Our line of Christmas light clips offers lots of great solutions for plenty of holiday light hanging problems. They can be used inside or outdoors and on tricky surfaces like fences.

Our products are made of durable, plastic-injected material with UV protection so you can leave them up all year. And our complimentary parts allow you to find what you need for your lights and hanging surfaces.

Pick the right clips for your Christmas light display.

Need a little more explanation for Snap Light’s clips? Find the parts that match your lights and surfaces to build a system that works for you year after year.

Make sure to pick the Snap Lights clips (female end) that match your lights:

· Icicle lights and other Christmas string lights: Zip Snaps

· Rope light: Zip Snaps

· C9/C7 Christmas lights: Carriage Snaps

Pick the Snap Lights clips (male ends) you will need for your surfaces:

· Gutters, shingles, and roof tiles: Gutter Snaps

· Gutter with leaf guards: Screw Snaps or Sticky Snaps

· Fascia: Screw Snaps

· Window frames and door frames: Sticky Snaps

· Glass and other smooth surfaces: Sticky Snaps

· Railings and fences: Sticky Snaps

· Other porous surfaces: Screw Snaps

Where can I find Snap Lights?

Our products are sold at select home improvement stores in Santa Clarita, CA and Boise, ID. No worries if you aren’t in those areas! You can also order Christmas light clips directly from our website. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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