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Hang Patio Lights on Your Fence

Turn your yard into a paradise at night by hanging your outdoor string lights around the perimeter of your yard. Who doesn’t love a backyard party illuminated by glowing string lights on a warm summer’s evening? You can picture yourself right now entertaining friends and family. There are a number of places that you can hang lights in your yard to create that special party environment including:

Attaching them to Fencing

One way to use string lights to illuminate your favorite outdoor area is to hang them from your fence. It' is easy, cost-effective, and sure to create a beautiful border around your yard. You’ll want to mark increments where you plan to hang the lights from the fence and use a durable method for attachment. You could use a nail to fasten your lights into place. However, nails may rust over time making your fence look ugly. Using a stainless steel screw might be a better idea if you plan to hang your lights from a wood fence. If you are hanging lights from a wrought iron or vinyl fence, you may opt to use a fastener that can stick on the fence and not leave a hole. But how can that be done? Using Snap Lights fasteners! It's easy. First screw the Screw Snap or stick the Sticky Snap to your fence. Second, attach Zip Snaps to your string lights. Third, just snap the Zip Snap to the Screw Snap or Sticky Snap to hold the lights in place. If a screw or an adhesive clip isn’t needed, like on a chain-linked fence, then attach the Zip Snap directly to the fence.

The Zip Snap can be attached anywhere on your string light. If you want your lights to be in a straight line, attach the Zip Snaps closer to reduce any slack. If you want your lights to swag, then place the Zip Snaps further apart. Straight or swag, either will create a beautiful look!

Wrap Lights Around Trees & Shrubs

Another creative way to use string lights in your yard is to wrap them around trees or drape them over shrubs. If you happen to have larger trees, you’ll need to buy enough lights to wrap around the entire trunk, and you can fasten them to the tree using the Zip Snap again. Just attach the screw to the tree and then attach the Zip Snap. You can maintain a uniform look by using the Zip Snap at increments along the tree so that the wires don’t bunch up. If you’d rather not go that route, draping lights over your shrubs is also an excellent way to add a little flair to your yard. This method is super easy, as you can buy netted string lights that will fit perfectly over your favorite bushes. Again, the Zip Snap can be used to anchor your light in place so that they don’t move about or drift away from where you want them to be. This will allow you to maintain a professional look!.

Border the Bottom of Your Deck

If you happen to have a raised deck that you’re just itching to decorate, string lights are a great option! You can use string lights on your deck in several ways, but if you ask us, the best method is to hang them from the bottom border. Don’t use nails or duct tape to secure the lights around your deck. This will ruin your deck boards and look sloppy and the nails will rust and stain your wood. The screw from Snap Lights is stainless steel and won’t rust. The strings are easily attached to the deck with the Zip Snap. Dressing up your deck with string lights will give your entire yard a warm, decorative splash.

Spruce Up Your Porch 

You can also use string lights to create a dynamic centerpiece for your porch. Specifically, you can designate an entire wall for a gorgeous light arrangement. Here is an example of string lights hung with Snap Lights Carriage Snaps on a block wall.

Use string lights to embellish any decor you already have on your patio or make a display of your own by clustering string lights in groups and weaving faux ivy through them. You can hang almost any kind of light wherever you want with Snap Lights Zip Snap or Sticky Snap. Whatever you choose, string lights are sure to give your porch a quaint garden feel that ties your entire yard together.

Taking Them Down

You can take your lights down easily because Snap Lights enables you to detach your light string in minutes. Pull the string light off the wall, fence, or other structure and place it in a storage bag. Put the lights in a safe place in your garage where the bulbs will not be broken. When you put the lights back up it is just as easy! You just snap them back in place on the Screw Snap or the Sticky Snap. My granddaughter loves the colored lights. If she leaves and I want to put up clear bulbs it takes me less than five minutes to replace them.

Taking the lights down might also be necessary due to freezing temperatures or serious windstorms. The structure on which the lights are hung can provide some protection. Additionally, the space between the Zip Snaps can help as well, but if you want to take them down, it can be done in minutes. Similarly, when the storm clears and you want to have a party in the yard you can put them back up in minutes because the Zip Snaps remain on the string and the Screw Snap remains on the surface to which the lights are attached.

Planning Your Space

Figuring out how and where to hang the lights, which type to buy, and how many feet you need to connect together can be a little complicated. Start by making a sketch of the place where you want to hang the lights. Think about what they will look like when they are up and then decide where they should be hung, and the effect they will have on the yard. If you are trying to create a unique atmosphere by hanging your lights on your fence, determine where the electrical source is and locate where you would want to locate your first Snap Screw. Measure from the Snap Screw, which is where your light string begins, to determine how long your string will need to be and the hardware needed to attach it to the fence, or other surface. Don’t worry about attaching your light strings because Snap Lights has you covered. Whether it is on a fence, a deck, or a patio, Snap Lights has a solution. The pictures below show the Zip Snap being used on a chain link fence and a wood fence in a yard.

It’s always good to start with a plan, but plan on being flexible as you discover the nuances and challenges of creating a beautiful space. You might change your mind as you go along. Figure out how many sets of string lights you will need to illuminate the area. Measure the spacing of where you will want to have each fastener. Each bag of Snap Lights products contains 25 clips. This makes it easy to determine how many bags of each clip you will need to purchase.

Tips to Consider

Be sure to determine the number of extension cords and timers you will need for your project.

Snap Lights products can be painted to color match your surface. We recommend Krylon Fusion. It can be found at various hardware and craft stores (i.e. Lowes, Hobby Lobby).

For hanging lights with larger bulbs (i.e. bistro lights or C9 lights) we recommend putting the light strings up first and then installing the bulbs. It is easier to manipulate the string light without the bulb for the first installation. After your initial set up and take down, leave the bulbs attached to the string light. It will save you a ton of time when you snap them back up again.

Refrain from using nails and hooks. When they rust they look terrible! Think about what would happen if you are installing a strand and while using a nail or staple gun the wire is penetrated. Additionally, what does the wood look like after removing nails and staples several times? Now you have to fix the wood. Put the Snap Screw in place one time and you are set. If you must remove it, you just unscrew it. Rust is not an issue because it is made of stainless steel.

String lights can make any outdoor area pop. But with so many different ways to use them, you will find a Snap Lights solution for attaching them however you want. If you want to take them down due to weather or to change the ambiance, it is not a problem if you have attached them with Snap Lights. If you want to leave your lights up all year, don’t worry. Snap Lights uses stainless steel and UV-infused ABS plastic. You won’t see rust lines on your wood. You won’t have cracked and worn plastic.

Our goal is to make the task of hanging lights easier and quicker while providing a professional look. Your friends and neighbors will be amazed!

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