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How do you Hang String Lights When Camping

You can make your campsite a fun and festive place by simply adding some string lights on your tent or camper. It provides more ambiance and can improve your campsite area's safety.  This all may sound fun and good but the critical question is, “How do you put them up on a tent or camper?”  

When you hang your lights, ensure you can secure them in place in the event there is wind or rain. Using clips made by Snap Lights is a great option for hanging and securing your lights.  The clips are quick and easy to use.  Hanging and removing string lights without much hassle will give you more time to enjoy your camping experience.  It may sound funny, but you can hang your lights using the Snap Lights Gutter Snap. No, you don’t need gutters to use these snaps for your camping purposes.  The Gutter Snap is quite versatile, and you can use it to hang your lights easily in many places at your campsite.  Check it out! 

Lights can be easily hung outside your tent as shown below. You can use them inside your tent as well. If you use a battery or solar-operated string light, there is usually an On/Off switch that you can operate from inside your tent. If you have to get up in the middle of the night, just turn the lights on for an easy exit. Just attach your Gutter Snap to your exposed poles and then attach your sting lights to the hook on the Snap. The wire will fit nicely in the hook and stay there, even if it is windy. Space the lights so that the look is tidy. Other campers will walk by and admire your lighting scheme, and you will have no problems finding your tent when you come back from your evening walk after dark. 

Illuminating an area where you will prepare or eat your food is a nice use of lights after the sun goes down. Hanging lights in your canopy can be easily done. Put the Gutter Snap on the rails as shown below and then just attach the lights to the Gutter Snaps. Removing them is easy because you do not have to wind the wires around the metal struts. It looks better this way as the lights can be nicely spaced and oriented. They are easier to remove as well. Go for the professional look. Sagging lights can be a nuisance when you walk under your canopy. Keep them nice and tight. 

 Illuminate your canopy or umbrella with lights as shown above. There are many options with Snap Lights clips, so you can be as creative as you want to be. If you have a camper or fifth wheel you can easily hang string lights by using the Sticky and Zip Snaps.  Just stick the Sticky Snap on your camper, wrap the Zip Snap around the string light, and snap it on.  To remove, just unsnap the Zip Snap from the Sticky Snap.  Leave the Sticky Snap in place and then snap your lights up again for the next time you go camping. 

You can also use string lights on boats or pontoons!   Many boats and pontoons have Screw Snaps to secure tarps and covers.  Those same snaps are compatible with the Snap Lights Zip Snap.  You only need to wrap the Zip Snap around the string light and snap it to the existing snap.  Done!  If you need to add more snaps to make your string lights go where you want, then you can use the Sticky Snap to fill those gaps.  Peel off the protective tape on the back of the Sticky Snap and stick it where you want.

Lights can also be strung between trees to illuminate an area. A supporting cord can be used so that they do not sag. A Gutter Snap from the string can keep the light string in alignment with the cord. Use the Gutter Snaps for a tidy look by keeping the string lights evenly spaced along the cord. A clothesline or parachute cord are good choices. 

Winding string lights around a tree is a nice touch. Use the Screw Snap at the bottom and the top of the area that you want to illuminate. A Zip Snap can be used to hold the cord in place so that you have an even look along the tree trunk. Just cinch the wires of the light string with the tie on the Zip Snap and attach the Zip Snap to the Screw Snap which is attached to the tree. The Screw Snap is easy to remove when you break camp.

There are a few other options if you use the Sticky Snap. This snap can be attached to any smooth surface. An example would be on the poles or beams of your canopy. Just make sure that when you stick them to the poles or beams they are not in a location that will be in the way when you close the canopy. If they are placed on the non-conflicting outer edges of the poles, they can stay there saving you time every time you set the canopy up.  The Carriage Snap can be used to hang the Christmas lights that you are familiar with, the C9’s and C7’s. The lights can be mounted on the Carriage Snap and then attached to the Gutter Snap, the Sticky Snap, or the Screw Snap. The possibilities are endless.

With Snap Lights you can make your campsite inviting for your campers and the envy of your neighbors. 

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