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Sandwich Board or Sidewalk Signs

Attaching Panels to Sandwich Board or Sidewalk Signs

Temporary sign boards are used for limited-time messages relating to health and safety, advertising, event announcements, promotions, celebrations, etc. When the sign looks professional, it is a positive reflection of the sponsoring organization’s brand. When the sign looks sloppy, the opposite is likely. What is the best way to mount a custom-made poster board to a sandwich sign board and how can the number of signboards in inventory be minimized? The answer is a professional mount on the signboard that is easily removable and repeatable without damaging the poster. The number of signboards needed should not be related to how many signs there are (one per sign because of how they are fastened) but rather to how many signs are on display at any given time. When signs are permanently attached to a signboard, then costs are significantly increased, and the space needed to inventory the signboards is needlessly high.

In some cases, tape is used to attach the poster board to the surface of the signboard. This is messy, takes too long, and can damage the poster boards that you might want to use again. Printing poster boards is not cheap. If used, the taping process takes time and looks bad. Getting the poster oriented vertically straight can be a challenge, and once it is stuck on it is hard to change it. Residue from the tape is left on the sandwich board making it look dirty. Clearly, this is not the way to go!

If the replaceable graphic boards do not need to be attached to the sandwich board signs, then inventorying the posters is what is needed, and when they are stacked on top of each other they take much less space. You just want to get the time-sensitive message out to the public in a cost-effective and professional way.

There are many kinds of signboards, many of which cost between $200 and $300 each. You want to get the word out without breaking the budget. It is also important that custom-made sign boards or DIY blanks are attached correctly in just a few seconds. The goal is to get the attention of onlookers on foot and in vehicles with poster-sized graphics mounted professionally to a stand at an angle that is easily seen. When the wind kicks up, you do not want the custom-made poster blowing away, flapping around, or rotating around in the frame. Signs may also be mounted on fences or walls. More on that later. Custom-made signs can be made of acrylic, PVC, styrene, polyurethane, and other materials. Flexible plastic all-weather sign boards are durable, lightweight, and can be used repeatedly and intermittently if they are not damaged. Getting content mounted and unmounted regularly can be a challenge, especially if damaging the poster board is not an option. Environmental conditions can be challenging so a strong solution is needed. 


There are some alternatives. Sandwich board signs may require that the poster board be attached to the display surface using a variety of means or may have a slide-in option with “stay tabs” to hold the poster board. However, the thickness of the board material may relate to the effectiveness of the tabs. In either case, bolting the sign to the board will help to make sure that it stays perfectly straight on a windy day or if it will be on display for an extended period. Your promotional display cannot be in disarray, instead, it must be aesthetically pleasing for a positive impression. In some cases, holes are already prepared in the sandwich board structure for screws that will attach the poster to the display surface. The question is, “Do you want onlookers to see the bolts on the exposed side of your poster?”

Now to a better solution. Poster boards can be attached perfectly every time to a sandwich board using Snap Lights products. The Zip Snap is ideal for this. It comes with a Screw Snap that can be screwed into the signboard surface. The Zip Snap can then be attached to the Screw Snaps ensuring correct orientation on the poster board from the start, and for every time the poster is used afterward. Put some glue (like Gorilla glue) on the outer edge of the Zip Snap and position the poster board on top of the Zip Snaps in the correct orientation. Let the glue dry, and then you are ready to set up the signboard. When you want to remove the poster, just reach in under the board (there is a small offset between the poster and the display surface) and pop the Zip Snap from the Screw Snap. The Screw Snap will remain on the surface of the signboard and the poster can now be stored for the next time that you want to use it. The look of the sign is professional, and the poster is not damaged. The time needed to remove or install the poster can be measured in seconds, with a perfect orientation every time. Just snap it on and off as needed.


To follow up, aside from sandwich boards, signs can also be hung on a wall by using wire, staples, nails, adhesives, glue, liquid nails, or putty. In some cases, the fastener can be seen on the outside of the poster board, and many of these solutions will damage the poster and the surface on which it is mounted with repeated use. There is a solution from Snap Lights that does not damage your poster and assures a strong connection with a fence, for example. You can use the Zip Snap with the Sticky Snap to attach the poster to a fence or other anchor. The Zip Snap can be cinched down on anything with up to a 1.5-inch radius. If you need it, the Zip Snap can accommodate a zip tie as well. Double the attachment if you want. You can also attach the poster to a flat surface by first applying the Sticky Snap to the surface and then attaching the poster with the Zip Snap glued to the poster board. Additionally, the Snap Screw can be attached to a wood or even a block surface with a plug. Krylon Fusion can be used to help the Screw Snap blend in because all the Snap Lights products are paintable and long-lasting. The Snap Screw is stainless steel (and so will not rust) and the other Snaps are tough ABS plastic with UV inhibitors. Snap Lights products can be used many times with replaceable graphics boards. Just pull out the poster board and attach it in seconds, with a snap! 


Snap Lights has you covered regardless of your mounting challenge. We want to help you get the word out without getting in the way of your creative process, or your budget.

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